Standard Features

A comfy couch that converts into a 42-inch-wide, six-foot-four-long, two-person bed.

Five-gallon water tank and sink. Water tank features quick-release water lines for easy filling.

Auxiliary battery system charges while driving. Roof-mounted solar panels take over charging duty while parked. Additionally, four USB charging ports and a 400-watt power inverter for your laptop, phone, or other 100V "necessities" (no hair dryers here).

A small fridge to keep the beer cold and the burgers fresh — no need for ice.

Interior camp lighting in soft white and dimmable red, the latter preserves night vision while camping.

Single-burner butane cooktop.

A discreet 6” roof-mounted fan for ventilation while camping.

Five storage bins secured below the bed; a long, narrow storage space behind the bed; and a number of handy storage pockets, nooks, and crannies peppered throughout. (Our campers are small so please pack light. You’re not backpacking here, but you’ll be happier if you limit your gear to what fits in the provided storage compartments.)

Privacy curtains.