Couch/Bed Cushion


OPTION: You have two options to choose from for your vinyl couch/bed cushions - Caramel or Forest Green

COST: No additional cost

Curtain Fabric


OPTION: By default we will use a neutral plaid for your curtains [example on left]. However, if you’d like to add your own personal touch, you can bring your own fabric [example on right]. We just ask that you bring 3 yards with a minimum width of 44” and it cannot be stretchy!

COST: No additional cost

Back & Side Windows


OPTION: We know that it can be difficult to find a van with the windows you want. If you find a van without windows and you would like them added, let us know at least a month prior to your build and we can order and install the following windows: back windows, a passenger side pop-out window, and/or a driver’s side pop-out window.

COST: one side window $500, two side windows $800, back windows $800